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Feed Plant ModernizationCLIENT: Multinational Animal Feed and Nutrition Supplier PROJECT:  $50MM Existing Plant Renovation including new Automated …process-engineering
Oil Blending Facility DesignOur industrial baking oil blender client wanted to build a new state-of-the-art oil blending operation …, baking-oil-blending multi-disciplinary
Mechanical and Piping Contractor Pipe Stress AnalysisThis Midwestern contractor required assistance with determining the thermal stress and displacement for multiple steam …, 3d-modeling piping
Sweetener & Beverage Manufacturer Sugar Railcar Unload & Transfer SystemThe existing sugar unload system was a vacuum pneumatic system. In the first phase of …, , multi-disciplinary process-engineering
Soybean Oil Facility New Process Preliminary EngineeringThe FDA has made its final determination that Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs) are not Generally …process-engineering
Chemical Company DebottleneckingA chemical company working with cyclodextrin, toluene, and decane needed to increase yearly production by …, 3d-modeling process-engineering
Secondary Containment EvaluationA chemical company working with Lysine wanted to develop an overall facility site map drawing to …, multi-disciplinary process-engineering
Heavy Industrial Facility Air Cylinder ReplacementA Midwest heavy industrial facility was planning a multi-week outage and needed to fit this …structural
Liquid Malt Extract Plant ExpansionThis Ohio malt producer needed to expand their existing malt production facility to install a …structural
Pet Care Facility Mill Building RenovationThis Midwestern pet food manufacturer required assistance in renovating their facility that was built more …structural
Steel Mill Boiler Design and InstallationThe integrated steel mill uses Goggle valves to isolate downstream flow. These valves render an …structural
Iowa Ethanol Plant ExpansionThe Iowa Ethanol Producer needed to repurpose existing buildings and structures, as well as add two …structural
Process System DesignThe client planned to launch a new product from an existing feed stock and requested …, 3d-laserscan 3d-modeling
Caustic Piping RedesignThe client approached ADF with a request to provide engineering services to redesign piping that …, 3d-laserscan 3d-modeling
Turn Head ReplacementThe client approached ADF with a request to provide engineering services to replace a Turn …, 3d-laserscan 3d-modeling
Module Skid Integration To Existing ProcessThe client approached ADF with a request to provide a 3D model of several existing …, 3d-laserscan 3d-modeling
Oxygen Furnace Off-Gas Ducting Component ReplacementThe client approached ADF with a request to provide engineering services to replace the Quencher …, 3d-laserscan 3d-modeling
Steam Tube Dryer ReplacementThe client approached ADF with a request to provide engineering services required to replace an …, 3d-laserscan 3d-modeling
Relief Device Sizing For Highly Hazardous Chemical ApplicationsVarious clients have a need to document and verify sizing of relief devices for processes …process-engineering
Dry Milling AirflowOur client wanted an evaluation of airflow at five of their pet care production facilities. …process-engineering
Protein Concentrate Piping And LayoutThe client approached ADF with an engineering design for a vegetable based protein concentrate facility …process-engineering
Corn Syrup DemineralizerThis project modified an existing building to accommodate demineralizer vessels that were relocated from another …process-engineering
High Performance Lubricant Plant DesignThe client approached ADF Engineering with a preliminary engineering design for a high performance lubricant …process-engineering
Cooling Water Capacity Study For Major Ethanol PlantThe client, a major U.S. ethanol producer, was experiencing seasonal shortages of cooling water capacity, …process-engineering
Hazardous Dust ControlDust in a manufacturing and material handling environment can be potentially dangerous due to fire …process-engineering
Biodiesel Plant P&ID Development And Conceptual 3-D ModelingThe client needed preliminary engineering for development for a 45 MGY Biodiesel crush plant. The …process-engineering
FEL Phase 2 and 3 Soy Oil Production ImprovementsADF Engineering provided FEL Phase 2 and Phase 3 engineering support for a client’s implementation …process-engineering
Automative Glass Manufacturer Energy AuditThe client needed to reduce their energy consumption and requested an audit of their production …process-engineering
Cheese Whey Ethanol Plant DesignThe client approached ADF with preliminary engineering and pilot test data for producing ethanol from …process-engineering
Wet Corn Mill Conversion to Ethanol ProductionThe client needed detailed process engineering, equipment layouts, and piping design and drawings for the …process-engineering
Pet Food Manufacturer Control System UpdateAn Ohio petfood manufacturer needed help to gather control architecture and networking information as well …, automation-instrumentation electrical
Baking Line UpgradeThe client contacted ADF when they needed to help a sister facility’s demand requirements. The …, automation-instrumentation electrical
Lysine Facility Boiler Design and InstallationThe client requested ADF’s services to design and implement a new 100,000 pound per hour …, automation-instrumentation electrical
Plantwide Electrical Classification MapThe client in Dayton, Ohio, requested assistance in updating a plant-wide electrical area classification map …electrical
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Facility ExpansionThe client was operating at maximum capacity and contacted ADF Engineering to help expand their …multi-disciplinary
Sugar Transloading Facility Design and ConstructionThe client needed to build a sugar transloading facility on a greenfield site in the …multi-disciplinary
Boiler Design and InstallationOur client requested ADF’s services to design and implement a new 100,000 pound per hour …multi-disciplinary
Waste Water Treatment Plant InstallationThe client needed to replace their undersized waste water treatment (WWT) facility while maintaining plant …multi-disciplinary
Soy Product Loadout FacilityOur client wanted to replace their loadout system and move it to a new location …multi-disciplinary

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