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ADF Engineering Benefits

ADF offers a competitive and comprehensive professional-level benefit package to keep you healthy, protect your income, add to your wealth, plan for your future, broaden your knowledge and skills, and help you achieve Professional Engineer (PE) certification. Whenever possible, we leverage the value of your benefits by minimizing related income taxes.

We will keep your job interesting, and your knowledge base and skill set fresh and up to date through a variety of continuing education options. You can make your own continuing education choices that are relevant to your work and to your interests.

We can help you relocate and help with tuition costs and college debt repayment.

We recognize that everyone is unique by offering a choice of benefits whenever possible. These choices are especially important by letting you choose among different types of medical insurance plans.

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Why Work at ADF?

Competitive Pay & Benefits

In today’s competitive job market, ADF recognizes that if you want the best people, you have to pay them at or above market and offer a diverse array of benefits — and we do!

Get to Know Everyone

In big companies you can become a number and know only a few people.  At ADF you will know everyone you work with including engineers, designers, administrative support staff, and managers.

No Worry About Stock Prices

In publicly traded companies, the stock price can drive engineering and staffing decisions.  Not so at ADF.  ADF is privately owned, and decisions are made on true engineering and design issues, not the stock price.

True Teams

Everyone talks about teams. At ADF you will work with real interdisciplinary teams to solve engineering and design problems using the Project Management Model.

Learn Consulting Engineering

Consulting Engineering is a unique blend of engineering and design knowledge, creativity, problem solving and people-skills to work with clients and project teams.  Consulting Engineering is exciting, always changing, and a chance to be recognized for your best work.

Choose to Specialize

One career path specialty is Project Management. If you like it, you can become certified in Project Management and have a significant role in managing projects.

Learn How Other Engineering Specialties Really Work

Learn by experience how other engineering disciplines work on a day-to-day basis, not just as an academic model. You will interact with other departments, such as Mechanical, Process, and Structural Engineering, to understand how they contribute to successful projects.

Become Licensed as a PE

ADF has many senior engineers with Professional Engineer Licenses (PE’s) who can provide you with the necessary professional supervision required to qualify for your PE.  ADF will also support you in completing your Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam as a prerequisite for your PE.  ADF will assist you for the costs associated with obtaining these credentials.

See the Results of Your Work

At beginning of a project, you may take laser-measurements of existing space and “walk it down” to really understand the project with you own eyes.  You may make site visits to check on the progress of your project. Ultimately, you can make a site visit to see how your ideas and engineering and design skills have been implemented to solve the client’s problems.

Don't be Pigeon-Holed!

In big companies you may become an expert in a narrow field but may not be able to branch out and understand the full scope of engineering and design. You may not be able to work with professionals across the organization. This is not the case at ADF. You will gain a comprehensive knowledge of all the engineering, design, and project management resources it takes to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Do Truly Creative Work

While different projects may have similarities, each one is also unique. It takes your creativity and problem-solving skills to get the job done because every project is different.

three pairs of hands holding a paper heart, green grass in the background

Enjoy Variety

Doing the same thing over and over again can be boring. You will never be bored at ADF because you will work on projects from all sorts of clients such as agriculture, the food supply chain, and pharmaceuticals to name a few. ADF specializes in small to medium projects so there is always something new to work on.

Start Building Your Career Path

ADF can’t tell you what the best career path for you is, but we will give you the information, experiences, and support to help you decide for yourself what career path you want to follow.

Learn About Leadership

You will be exposed to all the business functions of the company through the Leadership Development Group (LDG) which is made up of your peers. Share your ideas and questions in a group setting. The knowledge and skills you gain will help you in whatever career path you make for yourself.

Access to Senior Managers

At big companies it is often unclear who makes management decisions or even who the senior managers are. At ADF, department managers are imbedded in the same space as designers and engineers to give you maximum support. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome by senior management by simply knocking on their door. They know you, and you know them.

Work with Clients

One of the most interesting aspects of positions at ADF is learning how to work with clients to understand their engineering problems and to present your solutions in a professional and convincing way. Your colleagues will coach you and you will benefit from their experience. Working with clients can only be learned on-the-job and ADF is the place to do it!

Use the Latest Software

ADF uses the latest engineering, design, and project management software to make your work more efficient and interesting. Much of the work is done in 3D using actual digital models based upon laser measurements. These models are as close as you can get to working in the actual space and there are plenty of co-workers to help you learn how to work in virtual space.

Support for Your Continuing Education

ADF will financially support you in your engineering related continuing education, college level courses, and related degrees. If you decide to go for your PE or Project Management Certification, ADF will support you in those goals are well.

Interested in learning more about our benefits package?